The Case

The Case is a unique set of masterly crafted suitcases, with inside objects cast in epoxy resin.

In his quest for The Case, Tim finds inspiration in different places, from movies from the eighties to the latest news. Think of a Jason Bourne-suitcase, a bribe-suitcase, or a hitman-suitcase.

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The Case calls to mind feelings of exciting adventures, dark mystery, or hard action. The tension between the items inside The Case and the spectator that beholds them is always present. To the artist, looking at The Case is much more than just showcasing the contents of a suitcase. With his choice of objects, Tim integrates contemporary political and social issues with his art. What lies beneath the surface of The Case is a metaphor for what lies beneath the surface of society. The Case serves as a vehicle to expose how we judge the other, and ultimately ourselves.